Google Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks make for a faster,smarter and more secure organisation

Google Chromebooks are designed to be secure from the ground up – so you’ll always be safe from viruses and malware. All user data can also be automatically wiped after each use, giving further peace of mind.
Better yet, Google Chromebooks automatically manage their own storage, allowing an unlimited number of users to share them – with each user having their own personal user profile.

Google Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed for fast access to the web. Powered by Chrome – the world’s most-popular browser – Chromebooks come complete with security built in. So you can get more done from wherever you are, then share it easily and securely with your colleagues. You can skip the waiting, too.
Chromebooks boot up in about 8 seconds.
No IT Manuals, no headaches, just turn it on and away you go.

Why Google Chromebooks?

Faster, easier – job done
Google Chromebooks are streamlined, durable, lightweight and boot up in seconds. You can load websites in a snap with the built-in Chrome browser – and updates never slow you down.

Share securely
With security built in, you can share your Google Chromebook without fear of common computer problems – like accidental software installations, unauthorised data Chromebooks also wipe after use, so nothing gets left on your desktop – even when the device is shared.

Always improving
Google Chromebooks update themselves automatically, transparently and instantly in the background. There are no frustrating prompts, alerts or waits – and it’s completely free. So you always have the latest software and security updates, without ever having to worry.

Single-purpose devices for use by employees
A simple and secure device platform for specialized use cases, perfect for shift workers, caregivers and other employees.

Devices for shift workers
Shift workers are increasingly accessing more business processes and applications through computers. From logistics to HR onboarding, Google Chrome devices serve a wide variety of use cases and can be the foundation of a shift worker device strategy.

Devices for retail workers
Google Chrome devices offers a simple way to help store workers access web-based apps, conduct back-room functions and undergo training. Google Chrome devices can be used in the front of the store for payment and as a mobile device for working on the floor.

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