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Automate Construction Monitoring
Make your Construction Sites safer and more Productive with Automated Monitoring
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Key Benefits
  • No Code Platform
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Easy Integration
  • Highest Accuracy
  • 24/7 Non-stop
  • Save 70% Man Hours 
AI Modules

viAct’s 50+ AI modules are unbelievably swift to adapt to the ever changing site circumstances.

Focus Area

viAct’s proprietary AI algorithm tracks 3 major elements of construction site

  • Manpower 
  • Machinery 
  • Material 
Main Applications
  • Safety, Productivity & Tracking
  • Moving Machines, Tower Crane & Vehicles
  • Classification, Identification & Location
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Quick view of cost saving packages available:

  • Safety Modules
  • Environmental Modules
  • Productivity Modules
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Asia leading, AI monitoring, cloud-based, all in one Platform

International teams based in Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Vietnam

  • 50+ proprietary AI modules
  • Scenario Based Construction AI adapt to the Ever Changing Site Circumstances
  • Highest Accuracy in Industrial Standard
  • Up to 10 Million Square Feets of the Monitoring Area
  • Highest Number of Research Papers Published in ConTech Ecosystem
viAct help to make Better Environmental Compliance, Jobsite Safety & Hygiene and Improves ESG Scoring


Existing challenges of construction & engineering industry

  1. Stagnant Productivity Levels- The productivity of construction industry remains stuck at the same level as 80 years ago with slow pace of adoption of new technologies
  2. Time & Cost Overruns- Inaccurate project estimates and human error lead to 98% Project Delay and 80% increase in Costs
  3. Safety Issue -Construction has outnumbered other industries in terms of the total number of worker deaths; 1 million USD cost will be increased with each fatal injury accident

Manual Monitoring

  • Requires more manpower which is expensive and cumbersome
  • No human being can monitor more than 6 screens at same time
  • Inaccuracy, incomplete, error & late action caused by manpower

Automated Monitoring by viAct

  • Error-free progress tracking
  • Reduces 95% of fatal accidents
  • Saves 70% manpower cost on monitoring
  • 1 Million USD Cost saved (Per Injury Case)
  • Ensures timely and on-budget completion of projects

Only 3 Simple Steps In One Go!

  1. Any IP Camera & CCTV Installed On-site
  2. Connecting with viAct’s AI Cloud
  3. Monitoring on Client’s End

Meet viAct's Hero Solutions

Safety Modules

viAct combines powerful computer vision and AI to detect when PPE isn’t being used, or isn’t being used properly, to alert the employee or the appropriate staff to correct PPE issues quickly.

1. Safety Helmet Detection

2. Reflective Vest Detection

3. Danger Zone Detection

4. Face Mask Detection

5. Social Distancing Detection

6. No Clothes Detection.

7. Unauthorized Access

8. Safety Harness Detection

9. BA Detection

10. Supervisor Attendance Detection

11. Smoking Detection

12. People Fall Down Detection

13. Anti Collision Detection

14. Human & Vehicle Path Identification

15. Climb up ladder Detection

16. Water Barrier Detection

17. Fire & Smoke Detection

18. Fighting Detection

Environmental Modules

viAct presents feasible solutions across all three dimensions - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - through vision Intelligence powered by 5G network connectivity.

1. Dump Truck Cover Detection

2. Dirty Wheel

3. Dirty Road Detection

4. Dirty Water Detection

5. Energy Saving

6. High Water Level

7. Water Leakage Detection

8. Cracks Detection

9. Waste Management

10. Carbon Emission Estimation

11. Illegal Dumping

12. HVAC System Control

Productivity Modules

For fleets, big or small, a sustainable fleet management is one of the best contributions that can be made to help reduce their impact on environment. viAct’s green fleet management solution helps your fleet move into the future — and lower long-term cost for your business as well.

1. Vehicle License Detection

2. People Counting

3. Machine/Vehicles Counting

4. Machine Productivity Tracking

5. Dump Truck Tracking

6. Traffic Jam Monitoring

7. Location Tracking

8. Excavation Productivity Tracking

9. Material Classification

10. Scissor Lift Tracking

viAct can help you achieve YOUR TARGETS:

Zero Accident

  • PPE Detection
  • Danger Zone Alert
  • Confined Space Work Monitoring

On Schedule On Budget

  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Construction Fleet Management
  • Material Tracking

Environmental Protection

  • Dump Truck Monitoring
  • Illegal Dumping Detection
  • Waste Management

Innocom has been appointed as viAct’s Exclusive Channel Partner in the territory of Singapore and Malaysia effective from 1st July 2022.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with viAct that provides “Scenario-based Vision Intelligence” solutions exclusively for the construction industry all across Asia & Europe by successfully deploying around 50 sites. Founded back in 2016, viAct’s smart AI modules have evolved successfully providing extremely granular insights on environmental compliances in construction jobsites by not only tracking objects but by transforming vision to practical actions.

Innocom Technologies, as a Technology partner in providing software and hardware solutions across all industries including Construction, Engineering, Private and Government sector for over 28 years collaborating, empowering teams and assisted multifaceted businesses boosting productivity by aligning with current the trend.

Our aim is to serve the client, do a great job, and make what can often seem like a complex process seem easy.

We believe our partnership with viAct in supporting the delivery of additional functionality to customers embracing powerful enhanced workflows to reshape the build environment and meet the ever-expanding challenges ahead by integrating viAct’s solutions and to reduced cost access to development tools, automate the monitoring process, to improve site safety and increase productivity all in One Platform, Endless Solution.