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SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service

Multiply the effectiveness of your advanced threat protection sandbox


  • High security effectiveness against unknown threats
  • Near real-time signature deployment protects from follow on attacks
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
8 ways to protect your network against ransomware

8 ways to protect your network against ransomware
Steps to prevent ransomware attacks and save your money

1. Educate your employees
2. Use a multi-layered approach to network security
3. Back up your files regularly
4. Make sure your endpoints are protected
5. Patch your systems and applications
6. Segment your network to stop the spread
7. Quarantine and analyze suspicious files
8. Protect your Android devices

10 easy steps to secure our retail network

Simple step-by-step IT solutions for small business in retail to leverage advanced protection technology in ways that are affordable, fast and easy.

1. Layer your security
2. Secure your gateway
3. Keep it simple
4. Keep it affordable
5. Get rid of bottlenecks
6. Keep systems current
7. Keep your network productive
8. Stay compliant
9. Secure your wireless networks
10.Be prepared for the unexpected

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