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Structural Engineering Software
For structural analysis and BIM tool
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About Prokon

Cultivated the design process for structural engineers for over 30 years with the presence in over 150 countries supporting multiple languages.

Key Benefits

• Fast and reliable answers to everyday building issues
• Supports a wide range of workflows, integrations, and services
• Large number of design codes, including legacy
• Detailed calculation reports

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  • Analysis Bundle
  • Composite Bundle
  • Concrete Bundle
  • General Design Bundle
  • Geotech Bundle
  • Full Structural Set
  • Steel Bundle
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The determination of the effects of loads on physical structure and their components.

Below are the modules included:

The Analysis Bundle (B01) consists of 5 products


The Steel Bundle ( B02) consists of 14 products

Concrete Bundle Software:

The Concrete bundle consists of 11 products

General Bundle Software:
The General Bundle ( B07) consists of 7 products

Composite Bundle Software: consists of 4 products

The suite comprises a number of modules for analysis stability and determining capacity.

Below are the modules included:

The General Bundle (B05) consists of 8 products


Concrete rebar detailing, general-purpose CAD, and input generation.

Below are the modules included:

Detailing Functional Category Software

The Detailing Functional Category consists of 2 products


Integrates with third-party software to address various workflows.

Below are the modules included:

The Structural Integration Bundle ( B06) consists of 9 products


Pressure-pipe network calculations based on EPANET in Civil 3D®.

Below are the modules included:

Civil Integration Functional Category Software

The Civil Integration Functional Category consists of 1 product

An Up-Close of the Modules

Innocom has been appointed as an Authorised PROKON Software reseller in the territory of Singapore, Vietnam, Nepal, Hong Kong, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

Innocom Technologies, as a Technology partner in providing software and hardware solutions across all industries including Construction, Engineering, Private and Government sector for over 28 years collaborating, empowering teams and assisted multifaceted businesses boosting productivity by aligning with current the trend.

We believe our partnership with PROKON adds value to our customers making sure all our buildings and infrastructure are safe to use and in addressing the biggest problems from climate change to disaster relief.