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Inbound Advanced Filtering

grMail provides the most comprehensive email protection that blocks bulk spams, virus, malware, spoofing
emails, phishing and other email-borne attacks. It leverages a combination of technologies, threat intelligence,
machine learning and human intelligence from our Security Operations Center.

Key functionalities:

  • Anti-spam: Machine Learning Rules, Deep Content Analysis & Context Examination, Advance-fee Scam  and Cryptocurrency Extortion
  • Anti-virus, Anti-malware and ransomware: Zero-day Attacks
  • APT Protection: Sandbox
  • Phishing Protection: Phishing Link Scanning, Download File Scanning
  • Spoofing Email Protection: Domain Spoofing, User Impersonation, Brand Impersonation, Business Email Compromise
  • IP Reputation Threat Intelligence: Global and China Source Threat Intelligence, Adaptive Sender Reputation Based on User Behaviours, Fake Domain Rejection

grMail is easy-to-use and manage. Safe emails are delivered directly to inbox while suspicious emails are quarantined in the quarantined box. Administrator and end users can relatively access a web console with dashboards and tools to manage the product.

Phishing Protection

grIsolation is a cloud-based Isolation Platform specially designed for phishing attack. It prevents phishing sites from delivering malware, harvesting credentials and sensitive information from users.

  • Isolation Platform: Credential Phishing, Drive-by Exploits, Spear Phishing with Attachment

All web page components or active contents are opened in an isolated platform, rendering safe and malware-free elements to user’s device. Users can continue to conduct all the normal browser control without having to worry about malware or ransomware.

Ultimate Threat Protection by MDR

grAnalytics is a Managed Detection and Response(MDR) platform with automated investigation and response capabilities certified by ISO 27001. With our MDR service, capture rate is further enhanced and false positives are reduced. We are also able to proactively monitor the unknown attacks and provide ad hoc investigation.

  • Detect – anomaly detection, false positive review, incidents detection
  • Analyze – external threat intelligence, threat hunting, behavior analysis
  • Prevent – sandbox technology, isolation technology, internal security assessment
  • Respond – remediate/make changes, ad hoc investigation, incident response

Over 90% of successful cyber attacks occur through email-based attacks, it is undeniably that phishing attacks are inevitable
in nowadays. You can create rules to block automated attack, but you cannot eliminate human error. Humans are always
your weakest link. Email attacks have shown record growth tremendously by years, solid defense strategy would include end
to end protection with awareness education tests to enhances your end users’ awareness through assessment and training.
Canned phishing templates cannot get the same result as real-life scenario attack. Who in the IT department that would have
time to research, craft and setup the campaign tailored for their own?


grAssessment utilizes the mega dataset from our SOC. With millions of global and local threat intelligences, we pick the best
real scenario, adding localization and customization to your organization. To launch the most real-life campaign, go up the
confidence level of your employees in real-time.

Key differentiators

  • Tailored Campaign: Having the most believable real-life stories, with tailoring to the aim of your exercise, generating the
    most effective result for insight
  • Full managed, hand-free operation: Security experts guide the campaign, from requirement discussion to launching
    the campaign at your specified plan to executive debriefing for next action. End-to-end covered
  • Accurate result with analytic for executive insight: Statistics were analyzed by threat analyst to provide insight and
    recommendation based on the uniqueness of your organization
  • Full-feature service line: Green Radar has a full fleet of security protection covering human error mitigation to fully
    automated AI analytics protection, all managed and operated by our in-country experts

About Green Radar

Green Radar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edvance International (1410.HK), with a long history of providing cybersecurity solutions in Hong Kong and protecting many large enterprise IT environments. provides the most comprehensive email protection that effectively block spam campaign, scam emails that may cause ransomware, BEC attacks like user impersonation emails, spoofing emails, phishing and other email-borne attacks. It leverages a combination of technologies
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