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Introducing our new solution

Deskera is now added into Innocom's range of product


Together, our mission is to help Small Business Grow

It all started with this small idea- the small businesses need to grow. You don’t hear about them often, but they are the backbone of every economy. Deskera team determined to make each stories count by giving small business owners  across different industries– the best possible access to their data.

Deskera is an all-in-one cloud-based accounting software that helps the small business run their business efficiently anytime, anywhere, on any device. Deskera is committed to transforming the way small businesses across the globe run their business.

Founded in 2008, Deskera is one of the fastest-growing software as a service company globally, specially designed for small businesses.

Why small businesses love Deskera

Deskera All-in-one is the love of Deskera’s labor. Carefully crafted, keeping in mind the pain points of small businesses and help them resolve it. Deskera Research insights and technology teams work very hard to ensure that the product is continually evolving to match the changing times’ so that your business never loses out.

At Deskera, small businesses are at the center of everything. Deskera have created an intuitive and hardworking software to take some load off the back of small businesses.

Deskera offers three main product modules that optimize all the critical needs of a small business




Here’s where you should go to start creating professional invoices, collect online payments, connect to your bank, file business taxes, and generate financial reports

• Send a professional invoice and get paid online
• Connect to bank and reconcile
• Generate financial reports

Here’s where you can get the leads coming in from your webpages, run nurturing campaigns to convert them to deals, follow up on deals in the pipeline with sales. And create a support email plus help center for your customers.

    • Connect your website using form builder
    • Nurture leads using email campaigns
    • Setup support ticketing and help center

Here’s where you can import employee data, run payroll, generate payroll reports, submit/approve time-offs and expenses.

    • Run payroll
    • Manage employee time-offs and expenses

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