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What is included in the Media & Entertainment Collection?

The following products are included in a subscription to the Media & Entertainment Collection:

• Maya (includes the ability to run Bifrost on up to 15 machines)

• 3ds Max

• Arnold (5-pack)

• Mudbox

• MotionBuilder

• ReCap Pro

• Character Generator (as part of the point products in the Collection)

Additionally, Media & Entertainment Collection subscribers gain Cloud Rights, which grant access to run remote batch functionality via multiple computers over the internet. For more on Cloud Rights, review the Cloud Rights FAQ on Autodesk Knowledge Network.

What kind of workflows are best suited for the Media & Entertainment Collection?
The Media & Entertainment Collection is ideal for film, TV, and games customers who enjoy flexibility and options when it comes to content creation, and who may need multiple tools at their disposal at any given time. VFX and animation workflows are bolstered with the addition of Cloud Rights through Maya and 3ds Max, access to an Arnold 5-pack, and the ability to run Bifrost for Maya on up to 15 machines. Cloud Rights and Arnold help provide more rendering capacity and added instances of Bifrost make it easier to process large-scale simulations.

Can a single-user Arnold license included with a subscription to the Media & Entertainment Collection be assigned to different users?
No. While you can use a single-user Arnold license on up to 5 separate machines, you may only assign the single-user license to one “named” user. This user must be the same across all the products included in the collection, including Maya and 3ds Max. 

Start creating your utopian game world.

Skillfully solve your game creation roadblocks with professional 3D animation and worldbuilding software.

Autodesk ® 3ds ® Max: Flexible pipeline and automation tools.

Create synergy within your studio with advanced pipeline and automation tools.

  • Easily collaborate on projects of any size.
  • Work with a wide range of data formats.
  • Build tools with Python 3, C++, and MAXScript to meet demanding, custom expectations.

Autodesk® Maya®: Precise character creation tools.

Design lifelike characters and facial animations with full creative freedom.

  • Transform joints, bones, IK handles, and models over time.
  • Easily select clips and adjust timing using non-linear workflows.
  • Preview animations faster with cached playback.


What is Maya used for?

Maya is a professional 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering toolset, designed for creating realistic characters and blockbuster-worthy effects.

From fantastic creatures to sweeping landscapes and explosive battle sequences, top artists, modelers, and animators rely on Maya’s award-winning toolset to bring today’s most-loved animated and live-action films, TV shows, and video games to life.

Who uses Maya?

Maya is used by 3D modelers, animators, lighting artists, and FX artists across the film, TV, and games industries.


Autodesk®Arnold: Rendering with confidence

The latest Arnold release amplifies rendering performance and interactivity allowing artists to deliver beautiful results faster. Performance is significantly upgraded, scalability on GPU is greatly improved, and fullframe imagers are now updated during rendering. Intel’s Open Image Denoise (OIDN), a fast, AI accelerated, high-quality denoiser that runs on CPU is now integrated. This release also includes added USD support for specific procedurals and shapes in Hydra, deep AOVs, light linking and more.

Key features of Arnold 2023

From furry creatures to wondrous landscapes, the robust Arnold toolset helps artists render professional-grade 3D characters and complex scenes with ease.

Arnold GPU

Switch seamlessly between CPU and GPU rendering.

Subsurface scatter

High-performance ray-traced subsurface scattering eliminates the need to tune point clouds.

Hair and fur

Memory-efficient ray-traced curve primitives help you create complex fur and hair renders.

Motion blur

3D motion blur interacts with shadows, volumes, indirect lighting, reflection, or refraction.


Render effects such as smoke, clouds, fog, pyroclastic flow, and fire with volumetric rendering.


Efficiently ray trace instances of many scene objects with transformation and material overrides.

Subdivision and displacement

Create smooth, curved surfaces with support for Catmull-Clark subdivision.

Open Shading Language (OSL) support

Use Open Shading Language (OSL), an advanced shading language for Global Illumination renderers.

Light Path Expressions

Get power and flexibility to create Arbitrary Output Variables with LPEs to help meet the needs of production.

Adaptive sampling

Use another means of tuning images to reduce render times without jeopardizing final image quality.

Toon shader

In combination with the Contour Filter, an advanced toon shader provides a non-photorealistic solution.


Powerful denoising solutions offer you the flexibility to use much lower-quality sampling settings.


Maximize Productivity

Optimize your studio’s resources with scheduling capabilities and project planning tools available in ShotGrid.

Enhance creative collaboration

ShotGrid has integrations with the industry’s top creative tools including Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, Houdini, and Photoshop, allowing your artists to work freely in their preferred tool.

Scale Pipeline Performance

Automate processes and eliminate repetitive tasks to free up your teams.


3ds Max Interoperability with Revit

Formwerkz engaged Innocom Technologies to help by importing Autodesk Revit files in Autodesk 3ds Max including metadata, geometry, material, and lighting information from Autodesk Revit 3D Model. Able to reduce rework. Get the latest 3D model for Rendering and high pressure to deliver top quality.

Success with Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection

Omens Studios has these goals to achieve such as constantly advancing the overall creative quality of their IP library. Not to mention, improving in all technical aspects of their animation pipeline. Besides that, able to scale up on the Visual Effects capability. In addition to that, automating repetitive processes in their production pipeline.

Streamline with Autodesk M&E Collection

CraveFX wanted to make the process of creative design, visualization and presentation to be more efficient and streamlined. Innocom Technologies team., as the Autodesk Solution Provider, interacted with the CravelFX team for a system study, identified specific needs and offered an up-skilling session with technical support for better collaboration across their Project Teams.

Innocom's Specialization

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